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Perennial Gardener

We are experts in everything garden and we do what the Lawn Guys Don't!

Who we are!

The Perennial Gardener is a family run company that excels in the maintenance and improvement of gardens, and we have been doing so since 2009. 

Has your current maintenance company let you and your plants down?


If so, bring us in to make sure everything is exciting once again, We do the things that the lawn companies don't!

We specialize in maintaining well cared for gardens, improving tired and overgrown gardens, and helping you to maintain the overall health of your plants. We use organic fertilizers and pest control products where possible and we are noise conscious.

Feedback & Reviews

Our customers say it best!

We have an enormous garden in Oakville which has no lawn whatsoever. Although my husband and I have been gardening for many years, we have found that, as we get older, having such an enormous garden requires bringing in some well-educated help from time to time. We did that this summer, when the weeding and general upkeep really began to fall behind. Margaret Ramsay and her hard working crew were an immense help. We were astounded at how hard they worked, even in intense heat, and what is also a huge advantage .... [read more]

- Margeurite


Areas Of Service

Beating your expectations in the Mississauga, Oakville and Etobicoke West areas.

With a wide range of professional services that suit your every need and requirement, we have the know-how and expertise to get done what you need done. Let us know how we can help, and we guarantee you an enjoyable and satisfactory experience. We are available for one time tasks or for ongoing maintenance.


We are noise and pollutant conscious making sure to use alternatives when possible. We choose to use hand tools, organic forms of weed and pest control including manual removal instead of chemical or gas applications. We also choose to use organic fertilizers for better overall garden health and performance. 


Garden Weeding

Nothing makes a yard look less inviting than a garden full of weeds.
Weeds will compete with your flowers for both your visual attention and the precious water and nutrients in the soil. We offer one time or ongoing weeding services to make sure that your gardens look their best. Why settle for acceptable. We will deliver excellence! We promise to treat your garden as if it was our own!

Shrub Pruning

Do you have a garden that is looking a little overgrown? Our knowledgeable staff can come in and maintain, reshape or improve the health of your existing shrubs. We will use battery operated trimmers for a quieter experience.


This service is often required 3 to 5 years after a garden was planted.

Design And Consultation

Do you have a garden bed that needs to be redesigned? Do you have questions that you would like answered? Book a consultation with our experts and we will be able to walk around your yard with you and provide advice and feedback on how to make YOUR yard look the way you know it should.

Garden Rejuvinating and Refreshing

Are the plants in your garden too big for the spaces they are in? Are there holes that need to be filled?

We can move your plants and shrubs to where they will grow most happily, and we can divide them to better fill in the area.

summer box pltr red1.jpg

Seasonal Containers

Nothing helps to capture the highlights of a season more than a seasonal container.
Whether you need a splash of color at your front door or some seasonal interest on your patio. The Perennial Gardener can help you out.

Soil And Mulch Spreading

Over time your plants will use up all of the nutrients in your soil.

We choose to use organic slow-release fertilizers in order to improve the quality of your soils. This provides a long term benefit rather than the short term fertilizers that many other companies spread each season.

We also spread mulch on top of the garden bed for weed suppression, moisture retention and to add valuable nutrients to the soil. This is a must for every garden.


Leaf Clean-Up

Everyone dreads it, No one likes to do it. Bring us in to clean up the leaves and properly put your garden to bed to ensure your garden looks it's best from year to year!

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